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We have an excellent Research team who do continuous research on organizations who is facing both internal and Industry related challenges. The research teams provide the input to one of the Business Acquisition team member who organizes a meeting with the decision maker and check the scope of Consulting through a FACE (Feasibility, Actionable and Evaluation) Sheet. We have an excellent track record of conversion of 95% through Direct Channel.


At D& V Business Consulting we always observe that every satisfied client multiplied our business minimum by 3 times. Since its inception this channel has been our main source of Client acquisition. Every client gives us unique business transformation Case Study and these case studies help in the success of several implementations. We value client’s Financials, IPR, Brand Image, Data Secrecy, Processes and Implementation Ideas and never share and quote any of the above properties in any forum. This trust of our client has won us many projects and is still doing so.

GP (Growth Partner)

D&V Business Consulting has a base of more than 50 Professionals and Entrepreneurs who are engaged in their own business or profession and help us to connect with the prospective clients. These professionals are Investment Consultants, Bank Managers, CA, ERP Consultants and software developers. We choose them based on their high level of integrity and expertise in their respective field. They work with a vision to provide right solution to their own client and not just only for the mutual benefit.

FEET (Free Employee Training)

Consulting is still evolving in India and many a times Entrepreneurs and business owners have lot of queries in mind. They spend time in looking for a right platform and right people to get these queries answered. This procrastination causes issues to get bigger and larger and sometimes so difficult even the experts find it difficult to resolve. FEET provides a platform where business owners reach our team of experts and we conduct a town hall cum training to address their queries and concern without charging anything.

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