Excel with HR Consulting Services in Ahmedabad

At D&V Business Consulting, we understand that Human Resources is an integral part of any organization. That's why we offer a variety of HR Consulting service into company to assist organizations in optimizing their HR activities and increasing employee engagement. Our experienced team of professionals delivers practical insights and in-depth industry knowledge to assist organizations in developing productive and engaged staff. We provide a full variety of HR services, such as Present Time & Energy Analysis, employee "What Lists," JD and JS organization, establishing organization charts, developing a reporting structure, and defining levels & grades. We also assist in Manpower Planning & Budgeting, ensuring compliance with legal and statutory requirements, and creating effective performance management & review systems. Our staff assists with recruitment, from job posting to interviewing, offering letters, appointment letters, and even increment and promotion letters. We also help with HR Induction, Leave Policy, Attendance Policy, Employee Engagement Activities, grooming and professionalism, and Exit Interview & Documentation. We also assist with the development of HR Handbooks, Sexual Harassment Policies, and Loans and Advances Policies, ensuring that your organisation runs smoothly and efficiently.

8 Pillars of Human Resources Management


Payroll & Compliance

Performance Management System (PMS)

Learning + Development

Industries Reviews

Employee Survey

Management Audit

Rewards and Recognition