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FMCG sales and Distribution

Competition in FMCG product category has always been at the highest level for ages. The news is it is going to be more intense as existing players consolidate their position and new entrants challenging them frequently. As new players are scaling-up quickly by addressing region-specific consumer needs and applying innovative go-to-market strategies the competition will take a new shape.

In the fight of new challenges and the big giants of FMCG, the MSMEs need to hold their existing positions and continue to look for new opportunities or markets. This is increasingly bothering the MSMEs as a consumer are also becoming more agile and trying new brands. Companies must flex their muscles to compete on multiple fronts with diverse tactics to defend and grow their market share.

Different channels to achieve their true sales potential

Consumer needs are changing, they are now exposed to a large set of options to buy, leading not only to intense competition but also to carefully analyze the current offerings. The online retail is also posing a challenge in terms of balancing the distribution network and its margins. Distribution of FMCG goods in India has changed drastically with e-retail taking-off at the same time as organized retailers are growing their footprints. On the other hand, traditional formats continue to constitute a major distribution channel and are integrating with the online ecosystem in new and innovative ways. Companies must balance the distinct needs of these different channels to achieve their true sales potential.

In such a market, D&V Business Consulting can help you out with its 32 years of experience in the field. We understand the market conditions in and out and can be a valuable resource for your brand in sustaining, expanding the market of FMCG goods.